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A grand jury is Ferguson’s match

After deliberating since August 20, a grand jury has failed to indict a police officer who shot an unarmed, black teenager, who witnesses claim had his arms raised in submission to the law. Other accounts suggest that Michael Brown may […]

A monarchy by default?

A monarchy by default?

To employ a sorely misused Washington metaphor, President Obama has just used the “nuclear option”, in the minds of the extreme Right anyway, by granting amnesty to some five million “Dreamers” and their undocumented parents, aunts, uncles and other relatives. […]

Democrats fumble it away

Democrats fumble it away

Unemployment is below 6 percent. Gas prices are plummeting. Americans who have suffered without healthcare for all of their lives have it now. The deficit has been cut sharply and manufacturing jobs are beginning to appear again. These are just […]

A contemptible calculus

A contemptible calculus

Roughly one fifth of the citizenry approves of John Boehner and his band of Teabags as they collect public paychecks while undermining President Obama. Barry O. needs no help in this regard. After straining to not return U.S. “advisers” to […]

If you want a cure, first name the disease

  Nothing proves out the utter dysfunction of this American government more than world dysfunction.Our proxy invasion of Gaza is in full swing with predictable and overwhelming civilian casualties on the Palestinian side. Glenn Greenwald wrote on August 4 of […]

Waiting (again!) for Superman

  After officially “ending” the war in Iraq in 2011, I remember laughing bitterly as the national news showed joyous United States soldiers riding gloriously out of Iraq in their tanks and humvees. Cheer leading “reporters” rode along as the war […]

Hobby Lobby asks Supremes to burn the rule of law on corporate altar

  There’s an old rule about taking any kind of pledge. Once taken, that pledge is immediately broken, thanks to circumstances too overwhelming to ignore. To wit, Hobby Lobby and my promise to never tread on the topic of religion […]

And no religion too…

  I have always believed that the topic of religion is best avoided. There is no subject more unwelcome, potentially explosive and unsatisfying to discuss than dogma. Having teed up this post with that disclaimer, I will make a one […]

So over Sochi

As I write this, the Putin Games are entering their second week. Between the regular reports of orange water coming out of the taps, unfinished hotel rooms and displaced locals made homeless in favor of still unfinished Olympic venues, my […]