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Trump is the Snowflake-in-Chief.

A particularly dismissive insult about to crash the Oxford English Dictionary is the term, “snowflake”. This innocent word, one that was formally bereft of any ability to insult or mock, has been appropriated by the Right as a standard forensic […]

Everything Nixon is new again.

In this criminally overdue post, your humble correspondent considers Donald T. Trump’s Watergate bonafides a generation after Tricky Dick Nixon was hounded from office over an alleged third rate burglary. Nixon was insecure and paranoid. Trump is a sociopath and […]

In the Trump gulag, reality bites.

My coffee pot is gurgling, the milk, eggs and bread are hereby secured, a mid March Nor’easter roils outside my window and the Trump administration has failed to pin reality to the mat. Trump’s Putin aided ascension to ultimate power […]