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A contemptible calculus

Roughly one fifth of the citizenry approves of John Boehner and his band of Teabags as they collect public paychecks while undermining President Obama. Barry O. needs no help in this regard. After straining to not return U.S. “advisers” to Iraq after pulling out in 2011, the war games have now expanded into Syria as we carry water for Bashar al-Assa, a brutal dictator in the Saddam Hussein mold. As Obama and the Congress slept while ISIS stole every gun, tank and rocket launcher in sight, the Iraqi army turned tail and ran after 25 billion American dollars were lavished on the fiction that Iraq could field an army with the will and ability to fight. As objectional as the Tea Party wing in Congress is, here’s a sample of the cranked volume and ignorant fury of their constituents.

They must be spiking the water in the White House to believe that foreign armies can be trained and financed in order to fight proxy wars against blood soaked interpretations of Islam. ISIS is carrying out genocide as the United Nations breaks for lunch. Barry Bombs has begged for a coalition of the willing to add another front to the interminable War on Terror. The Congress has no idea that it is a separate and co-equal branch of government. It exists only to destroy any president of the other party. It exists only to win the next election to achieve total power. Party First. The Public, last.

Obama is left to rule by executive order. His 2009 Nobel Prize was an exercise in wish fulfillment by a besotted Nobel Prize Committee, which credited the Prez for his, “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”  Such are the hazards of the Bromance. I hope the prize can at least be used as a paperweight on the Resolute Desk. Failing that, it needs to be returned in the form of a drone delivery. This government has gone way past dysfunctional and well beyond Dr. Strangelove territory. We are so far down the rabbit hole, the Queen of Hearts has been renditioned to a CIA black site and the Mad Hatter is running the NSA. Alice doesn’t live here anymore. Much of the Middle East is made up of religions factions. They are not nations in any traditional sense but America is choosing sides. We can only pick one form of religious extremism over another because the next war will be taken up by the losers of the current war.

Obama’s second term has been an acidic mix of  a refusal to act and remain consistent while defying his own shifting convictions almost daily. The Congress is even more responsible because it refuses to carry out its Constitutionally mandated function in favor of winning back the White House as the world burns around it. The Constitution was supposed to prevent the President from wielding king-like powers but if the Congress won’t act, then as the head of state, the President is indeed a king. Obama went to war without Congressional approval from a body unwilling to grant or oppose foreign adventures. That means that We The People have no representation, only taxation.

Lost in all of this is the NSA, which continues to illegally spy on American citizens in the name of national security. In my own corrupt little state of Rhode Island, the DMV has just turned over license information and pictures to the NSA. Our lame duck governor has told us not to worry about it. A free people would not stand for this but we do. We stand for it because a free society demands a a level of commitment and engagement that we are no longer willing to give. In Hong Kong, thousands of citizens are in the streets, peacefully demanding the right to have free elections with no influence from Beijing. Before long, the army will be turned on them as totalitarian states always will do.

The protesters there have vowed to endure any sacrifice to win the right to determine their own political future. Why won’t Americans show just a dram of that courage now? Freedom is not a legacy but an ongoing battle. In this particular war, there is no proxy army to train, equip and pay. There are no diplomats to negotiate liberty for us. There is only a corroded and bought off government infrastructure, financed by us, bought wholesale by billionaires, ruled by self interest and paranoia and devoted to our incremental enslavement. We have permanent war but we are fighting the wrong battles. We are waiting for others to step up the campaign for our own vanishing rights and liberties, if we know what they are at all.

We are a nation of spectators who have largely given up any power we may have once had for mere convenience, just like the United States Congress.

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