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And a little bird shall lead them…

Nothing is more lame than a blogger offering excuses as to why he or she has not posted lately. Call it, “Trump Fatigue” in this case. Rule one for writing is not to repeat yourself and I had already devoted a post weeks ago to The Donald and his neo-Nativist movement. Trump has sucked so much air out

of the atmosphere, oxygen masks may soon be distributed to the population at large while the cable sphere continues to spin the GOP collapse into ratings gold. Bernie Sanders scored an endorsement from the avian world when Ambassador Finch arrived without portfolio at a Sanders rally in Portland.

Sanders’ appeal was on full display in this delightfully random encounter. He paused to enjoy his fine feathered visitor while immediately attaching a quiet wish for peace after Ambassador Finch fluttered away. Sanders showed a capacity for wonder and a clear respect for nature in this most unscripted of moments. Trump, in the same situation, would have batted the bird away with his tiny hands while threatening to sue. Ted Cruz would have questioned the finch’s right to be in the arena at all and Hillary would have ginned up her mechanical laugh in a determined effort to appear spontaneous.

Yes, I support Bernie Sanders but character shows. It is often at its clearest in small moments, not momentous ones. It is Sanders’ humility that is allowing him to keep nipping at Hillary’s pumps as she attempts to turn toward The Donald for the general election fight. At best, Hillary is inevitable and unlikable. At worst, she is an unwelcome guest who will be shown the door after her presence on the national stage becomes too tiresome to be endured much longer. After winning a hat full of primaries that Bernie simply had to have, the Badger State is the next chance for Sanders to deliver a body blow to Hill the corporate Shill. It’s too bad Bernie is too old to try again in four years. It has to be now.

Hillary has been joking about her emails on late night TV.

Jimmy Kimmell was a willing dupe as Hill showed meaningless emails to laugh off the issue. It has already been reported that she had classified information on her private server and the FBI continues to investigate the scope of this breach of national security. Classified emails, or emails called “Above Top Secret” have already been found but even if none had been, it was reckless for Clinton to use a Blackberry, a device that is called “unsecure” in the following video.

As the email imbroglio plays out, Hillary is at least guilty of being reckless for insisting on the Blackberry for her personal convenience. The Democrats have their own egomaniac with Clinton as their potential standard bearer. As to Bernie Sanders, he is clearly a politician who has shown consistent values throughout his public life and he is running in order to serve, not enrich himself, lie or deceive. A brokered convention is likely for the GOP in Cleveland. When truly revolting people like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are this close to holding so much power, then that is evidence enough that we have to tear it all down in order to begin again. A brokered convention is a complete mystery to most. Here’s a brief primer.

No matter what happens, we are watching a truly historic election. The crazy quilt rules for the various state primaries, from winner-take-all delegates, apportioned delegates to coin flips, don’t help in the least. My only consolation this time is that I will not be voting for the lesser of two weasels. I will be voting for that rare candidate who I can truly and enthusiastically support. There may well be something larger at work here. Bernie Sanders is that special.

Trump’s remarks on abortion are gooey enough to stick to Donny’s shoes for a while.

After being the Typhoid Mary of political discourse for so long, this healthy carrier of rhetorical and amoral contagion may have finally produced syllables that are big enough to choke him. Women are still the majority of the population and most of them hate Trump. It is largely up to women to prevent this country’s first fascist candidate from soiling the White House. Do you think “fascist” is too strong a word?

if you have to ask, then you just aren’t paying attention.

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