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Buckle up for the slow motion GOP train wreck

Here in the great oligarchy of the connected few, the GOP is wallowing in self worshiping congratulation. You, dear voters, have given the car keys to a 13 year old. You have handed a crate of matches to the kids and gone out drinking. You have flipped off the cop, written a blank check to your mechanic and chewed out your mother in law. You have installed the craven GOP into bicameral power with a newly energized Democratic President firing off Executive orders and keeping the Oval tidied up for the next Democratic POTUS. Obama missed the memo about being a lame duck but his feet are working like mad just below the water line.

Mitch McConnell has already credited the GOP with restoring the economy after all but destroying it in 2008. Many symbolic votes to tear down health care are planned while the banks are already seeing returns for their bought off lackeys in Congress. The GOP plans on limiting food stamp benefits to three months next year. Deeply tucked legislation secreted in the recently passed government funding omnibus bill will guarantee banks insurance so they can again diddle in the same mortgage backed securities con game that destroyed the economy six years ago. Liz Warren is the lone cop on the beat for the taxpayer and the consumer while Boehner’s Tea Party traveling hate and competitive tanning show paints her as an extreme leftist. The banks are not the only engorged ticks on the body politic. According to Oxfam, the richest One Percent will control over half of the world’s wealth by the end of 2016. That’s a fact, Fox News, fair and balanced.

The simple fact is that the GOP cannot lead. The priceless expressions of John Boehner’s contempt for any tangible progress for the 99 percent, seen above, makes my point better than any words I  may craft.  Mitch McConnell has already hurled the word “obstructionist” at Obama as the President waves his veto pen at the barbarians inside the gates. The tone deaf President wouldn’t even dispatch Joe Biden to Paris to join the symbolic march against the Islamic terrorists, who have apparently bought 72 virgins in the afterlife with innocent blood. Sound familiar? Mitt Romney has all but announced for President again and get this, now Mittsy is all about the poor! To him, the poor only make 10 million a year. Will somebody pass a hat please?

For the GOP you just kicked into power, the bought off weasels are beavering away at the Dodd-Frank law, which the newly chastened Democrats snapped into place to rein in the banks. Boehner’s henchmen call it run away regulation and an attempt to damage the competitiveness of the financial industry. The rest of us call it entitled lobbyists having a hissy fit because someone said the term “public interest” out loud. The rules are simple in America. We are an oligarchy, not a democracy and certainly, not a republic. Private money buys access for the moneyed elites to get the laws they want. The rest of us carry one vote each, if we choose to cast one at all. Shadowy billionaires and their mysterious PAC’s pull the strings and anyone in a federal office sells out to stay in power.

With all of this in play, we are not a representative government in the least and we have no moral obligation to obey laws that are imposed upon us without representation in Washington. The lobbyists have representation and they buy it directly. I can’t afford this system as currently constructed. Can you? The folks who threw the Boston Tea Party and boycotted British products to oppose The Stamp Act understood this basic dynamic. The colonists would not be taxed without a voice in London. The majority of Americans have no voice without a swimming pool full of money, though our elected hacks are swimming naked in it. We refuse to look behind the curtain, We are too buried in our IPhones to raise our eyes to see the level of our mutual civic depravity in a clear light.

We are too lazy to complain, too bored to act and too conditioned to our own subservience to expect anything better. We have given our freedom away in favor of our studied ignorance. That works very well for the GOP, as it always has. When it comes to the ruling class, ignorance will get you the House and the Senate. Let the Democrats keep the Presidency for the sake of appearances. This is your system at work.

As to the slow motion wreck mentioned in the title of this post, you are already watching it. In 2016, the Hispanic vote will keep the White House blue while taking back the Senate. GOP gerrymandering has delivered the House into a permanent majority. We will have gridlock no matter who is in charge and as our system is exposed for the shell that it is, it will be up to the encroaching royalist tinge of the Chief Executive to get anything of any consequence done. Maybe Teddy Roosevelt was right.

“When they call roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer ‘present’ or ‘not guilty'”,

Sleep tight, One Percenters. You’re getting exactly what you paid for. Our only faint hope is to close the legislation shopping mall by banning private money, stripping away the personhood status of corporations and reining in the corporatist Supreme Court by taking away the life time tenure privilege of the robed wonders in favor of reasonable term limits.

Are you awake, Clarence Thomas? Nice work if you can get it. Lastly, have you seen the size of Speaker John Boehner’s gavel? He certainly is compensating for something. I’ll leave it to your good graces to determine what that may be.

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