Reaching first at last.

As I sit down to write this personal statement in applying to the MFA program in writing at Brown University, I preface it with the knowledge that I have had to create a unique community when traditional ones have been […]

Casting about in a cast of thousands

In a time when running for President has become a legitimate career choice, the job applicants for the world’s most important office are as revolting as the job is grand. Hillary and Bill Clinton are using the Clinton Foundation as […]

If you want a cure, first name the disease

  Nothing proves out the utter dysfunction of this American government more than world dysfunction.Our proxy invasion of Gaza is in full swing with predictable and overwhelming civilian casualties on the Palestinian side. Glenn Greenwald wrote on August 4 of […]

Waiting (again!) for Superman

  After officially “ending” the war in Iraq in 2011, I remember laughing bitterly as the national news showed joyous United States soldiers riding gloriously out of Iraq in their tanks and humvees. Cheer leading “reporters” rode along as the war […]

Hobby Lobby asks Supremes to burn the rule of law on corporate altar

  There’s an old rule about taking any kind of pledge. Once taken, that pledge is immediately broken, thanks to circumstances too overwhelming to ignore. To wit, Hobby Lobby and my promise to never tread on the topic of religion […]

And no religion too…

  I have always believed that the topic of religion is best avoided. There is no subject more unwelcome, potentially explosive and unsatisfying to discuss than dogma. Having teed up this post with that disclaimer, I will make a one […]

So over Sochi

As I write this, the Putin Games are entering their second week. Between the regular reports of orange water coming out of the taps, unfinished hotel rooms and displaced locals made homeless in favor of still unfinished Olympic venues, my […]

Lesson learned.

In a much earlier post, (Dear John…, May 13, 2012) I formalized my break up with the Boston Red Sox. The incomprehensible World Series title just delivered by the Olde Towne Team would not have brought me back into the […]

A beautiful funeral

A beautiful funeral

On this somber occasion, allow me to say a few brief words over the body of The Bill of Rights. Is this overly dramatic? Just gaze on this beautiful corpse and pose the question once again. Glance at those orderly […]

We are all hostages

We are all hostages

  As the 112th Congress skulks out of town after their Fiscal Cliff zombie walk on New Year’s Eve, the unvarnished obstruction of the GOP can be seen without makeup, good lighting and artfully placed mirrors. President Obama predictably failed […]