The Donald leads the Neo Know Nothings into political oblivion

The Know Nothings were an anti Catholic, anti immigrant group in the 1850’s. They often met in secret and feared Catholic, Irish and German immigrants as a threat to the white, Protestant order of their day. Donald Trump has christened […]

Carson, Trump and winning with flat out crazy

Ben Carson once rooted around in the brains of children and made a good reputation as a neurosurgeon. His own brain has enough bat crazy pathologies to merit his own wing at the Rubber Room Academy of

A progressive war horse, the “inevitable” mare and three nags walk onto a stage…

Last night in Nevada, luck was a lady as Hillary Clinton won the first 2016 Democratic debate with a hand up from Bernie Sanders and three also rans, who are already being primed for the political glue factory. It was […]

The refreshingly rumpled Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is not slick. He looks bad in a suit, he is all but bald, he is hunched with age and the camera merely tolerates him or worse. Bernie’s platform is handsomely constructed though. His tent is huge and […]

Health care resting comfortably

King vs. Burwell is dead and the Affordable Care Act required no time in the recovery room before springing out of the Supreme Court building and into a permanent place in American life. The Supremes ruled today, 6-3, that the […]

Casting about in a cast of thousands

In a time when running for President has become a legitimate career choice, the job applicants for the world’s most important office are as revolting as the job is grand. Hillary and Bill Clinton are using the Clinton Foundation as […]

Exit Hillary

Hubris: “Excessive pride, self confidence, arrogance, see Clinton, Hillary…” The shouting is all over. Hillary Clinton will not be the first female President of the United States. Her smug, historic march of electoral inevitably is stored permanently on an email […]

Buckle up for the slow motion GOP train wreck

Here in the great oligarchy of the connected few, the GOP is wallowing in self worshiping congratulation. You, dear voters, have given the car keys to a 13 year old. You have handed a crate of matches to the kids […]

A grand jury is Ferguson’s match

After deliberating since August 20, a grand jury has failed to indict a police officer who shot an unarmed, black teenager, who witnesses claim had his arms raised in submission to the law. Other accounts suggest that Michael Brown may […]

A monarchy by default?

A monarchy by default?

To employ a sorely misused Washington metaphor, President Obama has just used the “nuclear option”, in the minds of the extreme Right anyway, by granting amnesty to some five million “Dreamers” and their undocumented parents, aunts, uncles and other relatives. […]