Iran, Obama, Kerry and the tango of the impossible

During the last six years, criticism of Barack Obama has been so consistent, it can almost be called a new art form with the improvisational skills of fusion jazz and the morning regularity of a bodily function. I have never […]

No padlocks with strings attached

In the City of Light, Parisian workmen are taking a load off. Until very recently, the Pont des Arts Bridge was the site of true love and some clearly clunky symbolism. For many years, love drunk couples have inscribed their […]

If you want a cure, first name the disease

  Nothing proves out the utter dysfunction of this American government more than world dysfunction.Our proxy invasion of Gaza is in full swing with predictable and overwhelming civilian casualties on the Palestinian side. Glenn Greenwald wrote on August 4 of […]

Waiting (again!) for Superman

  After officially “ending” the war in Iraq in 2011, I remember laughing bitterly as the national news showed joyous United States soldiers riding gloriously out of Iraq in their tanks and humvees. Cheer leading “reporters” rode along as the war […]

And no religion too…

  I have always believed that the topic of religion is best avoided. There is no subject more unwelcome, potentially explosive and unsatisfying to discuss than dogma. Having teed up this post with that disclaimer, I will make a one […]

So over Sochi

As I write this, the Putin Games are entering their second week. Between the regular reports of orange water coming out of the taps, unfinished hotel rooms and displaced locals made homeless in favor of still unfinished Olympic venues, my […]

Julian Assange and the Politics of Virtue

Is Ecuador Harboring a Revolutionary or a Criminal? Play in new window | Download

A brave journalist is martyred in the latest civil war

Marie Colvin was a fearless truth teller who deserves to be remembered. Play in new window | Download

Wars are wars but have you thought about the real costs?

The real costs of America’s foreign adventures. Total casualties of America’s wars are under reported or ignored outright. Why? Play in new window | Download

Dear John…

Dear John…

We had a pretty good run, you and I. We were more than great friends. We had a commitment. One could anticipate the other’s moods and