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Waiting (again!) for Superman


After officially “ending” the war in Iraq in 2011, I remember laughing bitterly as the national news showed joyous United States soldiers riding gloriously out of Iraq in their tanks and humvees. Cheer leading “reporters” rode along as the war crimes begun by George W. Bush, Condi Rice and Dick Cheney, and fed tenderly by Barack Obama, were repackaged and resold to an indifferent public. Mission Accomplished! The video below sounds like a football rally and not a force that had invaded illegally while executing a limited withdrawal and calling it victory.

In Iraq and in much of the Middle East, the main card is Shiite versus Sunni. Nothing kills across centuries like religion and religion is the greatest joke ever played on beings who pretend to be rational. As Iraqi insurgents take city after city while gunning down opponents by the thousands in cold blood, Obama has just deployed 275 troops to protect the U.S. embassy in Iraq. When civilizations begin to fall, make sure not to repeat Benghazi first. Everything else is negotiable. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is only the latest blood thirsty Islamic franchise. If moderate and peace loving Muslims exist, where are they now?  Where is their reason now? Sectarian strife has always defined the Middle East and it was never restricted to only Muslims. That said, it is time to stop apologizing for their accustomed brutality. Theirs is an ancient culture feeding its insanity on a diet of fanaticism, sadism, death and hate. They should have died out long ago. Instead, here they stand until everyone different from them dies out instead.

The United States invaded and fanned these partisan flames to their crackling heights in 2003. The Iraq Provisional Authority, run by L. Paul Bremer back then, privatized all Iraqi business and profits and gifted them to foreign corporations, disbanded the Iraqi army and abused his unchecked power to create an indelible hatred of the West. Bremer knew nothing about the society he was sent to administer and there were no checks and balances locked in by the Neocons who sent him. The genocidal fruits of that invasion are now consuming the entire Middle East as the next 9/11 watch continues here at home.

These blood soaked Islamic sects cannot live together. The Iraqi army dropped their U.S. supplied weapons, uniforms and equipment and your tax dollars have now fitted out a murderous rebel force. Our choice is to do nothing and let the whole Middle East implode or send a permanent military presence in the region to keep the cork in the bottle. The Iraq War has cost 2.2 trillion and counting. That money could have fixed our rotting roads and bridges, retrained a generation for jobs which pay a living wage or it could have helped retire over a trillion in student loan debt so college grads could plan for the future instead of servicing that debt.

The detritus of the criminal W years, creatures like William Kristol, are crawling back out into broad daylight and seeking out live microphones. Kristol once said that Iraq was, “a mostly secular state” and that a U.S. invasion would sprout a secular democracy. These vicious old Neocons, like Kristol, Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Bremer, want our soldiers to go back and lose more lives and limbs so their pals at Haliburton can send out more residual checks to their investors. I voted for Obama to end these wars, not to extend them. I voted for Obama so he would close Guantanamo Bay and establish health care. To his credit, he delivered the latter without a single Republican vote but Edward Snowden proved that we have a National Security State, not a democracy. The Iraq morass cannot be solved. It can only be contained.

What of the United Nations? This impotent debating society exists to pass resolutions and nothing else. Where is NATO? Where is every other nation that is a member of any collective that claims it is devoted to the prevention of human suffering and the propagation of peace? Just ask Syria. As we witness the latest round of sectarian insanity in the multinational graveyard that is the Middle East, maybe it’s time to take our colonialist foreign policy and up the ante this time. Double down, dealer. Just as Europe was carved up after WW II, perhaps the long term solution is to divide the Middle East among the world powers with the ability to occupy and control it.

The carrot is the oil and controlling much of it would stabilize world markets while keeping down militias such as ISIS and others. What about national autonomy, you may ask? Iraq is not a nation. It is a collection of fanatical religious sects and they enforce their beliefs with guns, bombs and rocket launchers. Such places deserve no autonomy in the first place. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the number of people forced from their homes world wide has now exceeded 50 million, the highest number since WW II. Their safety is job one and the civilized world must act.

Is the idea of permanent foreign occupation undemocratic? Of course it is but I do not live in a democratic society and neither do you. Our government has routinely rigged foreign elections and installed dictators while removing democratically elected leaders, spied on its own people and refused to safeguard the lives of its own citizens through easy access to firearms. If we want to rule by force, then let’s rule by force in the name of a forcefully prosecuted regional occupation of the Middle East but it should be done for the right reasons. To embrace isolationism would make this country no safer. Our allies could pull their weight for once by helping us and I think that the 300,000 refugee civilians on the run in Iraq may well accept Western overlords instead of being shot, hanged or raped because they observe the wrong sect of Islam. George W. Bush destroyed Iraq to prove to Poppy Bush that he was a Big Boy. To borrow from Garry Trudeau, W’s manhood was placed in a blind trust.

We are America. We are stupid and ruthless. If we refuse to learn anything after a decade of foreign intervention, then let’s refuse to learn with a whole new purpose. It’s time to be what we truly are. In the absence of a living Constitution and a population and government which has no room for the rule of law in their hearts and minds, what else is there to be? We are no more a legitimate nation than Iraq is. A small collective of billionaire oligarchs owns the electoral process and they pay federal officials to subvert the public interest for their own benefit. That is not nationhood.

We are a kakistocracy. If nothing else, it’s time to amend our long ignored Founding document to rightly reflect that. On June 19, the President, who claimed to have ended the Iraq debacle in 2011, announced that 300 “military advisers” were en route to Iraq and that any U.S. action would not, “..favor one sect over another”, in the words of Obama. Apparently, killing the Sunni, Saddam Hussein, met that standard during W’s reign. The truth is, we have no right to invade, occupy or control any foreign country but we will continue to do it. It’s who we are. George Washington warned against getting involved in foreign entanglements. He is not merely spinning in his grave, he’s on puree’.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Our blind, deaf and dumb war machine is coughing back to life.




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