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Everything Nixon is new again.

In this criminally overdue post, your humble correspondent considers Donald T. Trump’s Watergate bonafides a generation after Tricky Dick Nixon was hounded from office over an alleged third rate burglary. Nixon was insecure and paranoid. Trump is a sociopath and a malignant narcissist. In 1973, Nixon ordered Attorney General Elliot Richardson to fire Archibald Cox, a special prosecutor charged with digging into the Watergate mess. Richardson resigned rather than subvert the rule of law. Nixon then ordered Deputy Attorney General William Ruckleshaus to fire Cox. He refused and resigned. Solicitor General Robert Bork than took the axe in hand and canned Cox. Trump has just fired FBI ramrod, James Comey, who was just getting warmed up investigating Putin’s hack of the last presidential election and Trump’s possible role in that.

Most talking heads across the country are busting a gut to say that the Comey firing is nothing like Watergate. Dan Rather covered Watergate and in spite of his star dropping out of favor in recent years, his opinion is more qualified than the mass of blow dried gadflies clogging up your cable channels.

Trump has just shared classified information with a Russian ambassador in the Oval Office. The meeting was closed to the American press and it was a private photo op for Tass. According to the Washington Post, the information Trump offered up compromised foreign assets abroad. As Trump denies any connection to Russia during the Presidential campaign, he entertains Russian officials in the White House and gives up classified information. If you are a red hat wearing Donny fetishist, you are supporting a traitor who is unfit to be President. While you deny that, consider that the three branches of government are nothing more than kindling for our burning Constitution. The careful construction of checks and balances is gone in favor of the extreme right frat house that now occupies Pennsylvania Avenue.

On May 16, NBC News reported that during Trump’s private dinner with now former FBI director Comey, the President asked Comey to back off the investigation into former national security advisor, Michael Flynn, because Flynn was a, “good guy”. It was also reported that intelligence shared in the private Oval Office meeting with Russian officials involved Israel and the desire of ISIS to blow up airliners with laptop computers. Trump’s bitter defenders claim that a president can reveal whatever intelligence he wants to anyone at any time and they are demanding that the leaker be jailed. Fine. Trump is the leaker. Bullies are cowards and perpetual victims in their own eyes and Trump’s pity party at the Coast Guard Academy proved that maxim again.

The relatively few GOP clones willing to defend Trump is shrinking and the Midterms are not that far off. The GOP will take party over country and their own power over the public good and the national security of this country. If their ability to get elected again hangs in the balance, then impeachment has to be uttered by someone in D.C. and soon.

Our government institutions are now worthless. The damage Trump is doing will continue until enough damage to the job security of his enablers is done too. The comedians see the blood on the floor and it’s good for a laugh. Beyond that, we don’t have a country if the institutions that make it up can’t be filled with a bare minimum of men and women of sufficient will to save it. The wall around Trump is growing higher. The careful masonry rising around him may seal the country off enough in time to save it. It will depend on how quickly the mortar dries.

Barack Obama’s presidency promised a “post racial” America. Instead, the next inmate of the White House was propelled there by an undercurrent of white nationalism, voter ignorance, rage, alternative facts, Putin’s hackers, billions in private money and the rising tide of fake news that Trump consumes and creates in place of simple facts. The country is so far down the rabbit hole, there are few if any honest brokers left to point the way back. Which direction is “back” anyway? There may be a draft Jon Stewart movement yet. He has better writers anyway.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may have the itch to run and he is polling better than Trump now. Who isn’t? In Chappaqua, New York, Hillary Clinton must be choking on the irony. She was ruined by classified emails on her unsecured Blackberry while Trump gave classified information directly to an enemy state in the Oval Office. It’s a good thing he doesn’t wear pantsuits.

A special counsel was long overdue but any credible process can’t resemble Ken Starr as Captain Ahab in the Bill Clinton era. A foreign power colluding with Trump to rig an election demands more then his removal from office if proven guilty. It demands new accommodations for him in the nation’s prison system. Now that would be a reality show I would actually sit down to watch.

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