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Free Fallin’

He’s in free fall now. It’s terminal velocity time for Mitt Romney and the only question is if a well placed wagon of hay is going save him from an Earth shattering crash. More likely, it will be the Wile E. Coyote kind of fall with an endless descent and a distant “THWAPP!”, as the doomed varmint clutches a white surrender flag and salutes all the way down. For Willard, it’s time to get a refund from the Acme Company for his Beat Barack Obama Kit (patent pending). The box reads, “For ages 35 and up”, but the directions never account for cluelessness.

Mitt’s foot spends so much time in his mouth, he has to wear flavored shoes. Even his self absorption is self absorbed. After being outed during a bootleg speech to wealthy supporters, courtesy of Mother Jones, Mittsy wrote off almost half the electorate and said, “It’s not my job to worry about those people.” After claiming that 47 percent of the electorate doesn’t want to work and wants Uncle Sam to take care of their needs, Rom Bot forgot to say that the wealthy are undertaxed. Most rich live off capital gains, which are only taxed at 15 percent. Romney himslf paid only 14.9  percent in 2010 and just released his 2011 return, which showed he paid 14 percent. Had he taken all the duductions he could have, his tax rate would have been ten percent, well below his promise of never having paid less than 13 percent.  Half  of the population controls only one percent of the wealth and the richest 400 families control one eighth of all American wealth. The Bush tax cuts continue to feather well heeled nests while Paul Ryan dreams of privatizing Social Security, hacking Medicare and Medicaid to bits and handing out vouchers which will dry up with use.

The GOP is comprised of bought off snake oil salesmen who repeat the same lie from town to town. Enrich the richest because it will trickle down! Get rid of all regulation since the wise and selfless market will police itself! Close the deficit by lowering tax rates for the undertaxed plutocracy! They used to call this voodoo but the problem is, it takes willful ignorance to believe it. Republicans are self deluding and they run screaming from facts. The 16 trillion dollar deficit started churning when George W. Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and the GOP scrapped a million job plan that would have set Americans working to patch up our tattered bridges and roads.

The corporatist Supreme Court has invalidated “WE THE PEOPLE” in favor of “WE THE CORPORATIONS”. Citizens United has finished off the American Experiment by conflating corporate speech with political speech. Elections are about private groups buying off the process and enriching media outlets. That’s it. James Madison’s brilliant vision for a self governing document for a self governing people is ignored when convenient and despised otherwise. Mr. Obama just signed off on the permanent military detention of Americans in violation of the Fourth Amendment. It’s not the Bill of Rights. It’s the Bill of Suggestions.

Mitt Romney is the rotten head of a rotting fish. Being wealthy does not qualify anyone for holding high office but thanks to the Supreme Court, it does. Like that coyote chasing a greasy quick bird, incredible effort and expense will continue to be expended for an unattainable quarry. That dream is accountability in government and a voice for citizens outside of the vast bank accounts of the nation’s corporate masters.

Wile E. Coyote always bounces back and with private fortunes and unlimited PAC money, this government will be bought, sold, bought again and kept out of the hands of the impoverished many who were once taught that citizenship was not dependent on net worth. It is and the road we’re all running down will end over a 200 foot  cliff without serious reform. Like that Road Runner, reform is miles down the road and nowhere in sight.

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