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Goodbye, I must be staying

For three and half years, President Obama has been promising to wind down George W. Bush’s attempt to to win Poppy Bush’s respect through institutionalized war crimes in Afghanistan. “Bring the troops home!” is what Obama campaigned on and his progressive base helped land him in the Oval Office for just that goal. On the one year anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death at the hands of the mythologized Seal Team 6, Obama addressed the nation from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and announced the signing of an agreement that will commit American billions and more American lives to the “Graveyard of Empires” for the next decade. This is betrayal of the first rank or the word does not exist. We are not a democracy or a republic. We are a military industrial complex servicing  enormous corporations in the pursuit of power, influence and oil, mostly oil. The reserves around the Caspian Sea region are among the largest in the world. Multi-national  corporations are angling for the territorial rights of way, contracts and infrastructure to move that oil to  China, the country with the world’s largest population and a place that craves the throw away culture that America had perfected, back when Americans had money to spend on things to throw away.

We are told that the drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other parts of the Middle East have left only a few hundred Islamist radicals to vie for their promised 72 virgins in the afterlife. The Pentagon reports their leadership has been largely supplanted with younger radicals who cannot yet aspire to the generation changing hell fire that brought down those towers and turned a free country into cowards who would happily burn their civil liberties to warm themselves on the halting embers of a patently false national security. Ben Franklin once said that those who would give up essential liberty for a little temporary security would lose both and would deserve neither. Now, Israel is intent on acting against Iran and their uranium enriching labs. War drums are beating again to feed that war industrial complex and its war profiteers with money borrowed from China and wrenched away from the domestic present and the next two generations.

It was reported on Frontline that the Federal Reserve gave the banks 7.7 trillion dollars to prevent their collapse in 2008. The wars are at three trillion and counting. How could anything remain for the citizens who finance criminal wars and criminal bankers against their will and with the aid of a Congress that can’t even spell “public interest”, let alone define it? Obama is presiding over a beggars nap in a national flop house. Get out, boys.  Hit the streets and look for work and stay out of here until 8 p.m. Permanent war and national addresses given from the sites of those foreign wars are actually being accepted as the status quo. The poor and disappearing middle class have been so marginalized, ignored and ridiculed, the national conversation is entirely corporate. There are no citizens and individual liberties. There are only corporations, military contractors and the bought off lackeys who do their bidding while masquerading as public officials. That is the reality. That is why nothing changes for the better and that is why the richest only get richer. There is nothing else to hope for in a rigged system, among a dispirited populace who know nothing about their own Constitution.

Mitt Romney is the personification of his now famous line, “Corporations are people.”  He’s right. He is a corporation that wants to be President. It would be much more honest to eventually run corporations for the presidency in place of people. The winning corporation, General Electric say, would then install its board of directors as the Cabinet. The Chief Operating Officer would be the Vice President and Congress would openly work for the corporate interest instead of pretending to under a micro thin veneer of populist rhetoric. Then, the Big Lie would be tested for real. The Big Lie is that the more rich and corporations profit, the more those at the bottom will benefit through the “trickle down effect” that Ronald Reagan must have dreamed up during an inspired bout of dementia. This is like the family dog waiting patiently by the dinner table and hoping for a falling morsel to drop. That may happen twice a year but the mutt will die of starvation if that is all he may expect. Most rich do not invest and create jobs and they are not the great benevolent fathers who will see to the needs of their lessers throuugh corporate altrusism. The rich want more. That’s it.

Obama’s bona fides as a Demoocrat or a progressive were gone when the the Fed peeled off that 7.7 trillion  and when not a single  banker stood trial or went to jail. Bankers are the most coddled and protected class in world history. They are tyrannical, unelected and we guarantee their galactic prosperity by a perverted version of the long failed Trickle Down theory. There are no forgotten Benjamins in the dust of financial anarchy. There is only dust, the poor and something Americans used to call fairness, accountability and opportunity. Don’t believe it. Those latter words are  now the stock scenery of election year stagecraft. They will be stored away after the vote counting until the barkers mount the stage again to repeat the lies we love to hear as our bills lay unpaid.


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