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The Man Who Wasn’t There

If half of life is just showing up, President Barack Obama may well have shown up for only half of his projected two four year terms if his Great Debate No Show puts Willard Romney in the Oval Office. Riding comfortable leads in the polls for months until the first debate and getting a reliable diet of Romney gaffes for good measure, Obama acted like he was sleep walking to his fridge for some suppertime leftovers instead of saving what’s left of this country from the rapacious One Percent. If Romney gets in, the 99 percenters will have no leftovers to look forward to.

As Romney cuddled up to the middle class while his nose stretched out to the back of the auditorium, Obama studied his shoes, shrugged meekly and accepted every lie that Romney’s handlers had drilled into his TV friendly skull. Romney did LOOK good. He was poised, confident and he spoke in just the right tone with just enough conviction. The ex Guv was all sizzle and the voting public was more than happy to take in a whiff of the snake oil before gathering around the deceptively small GOP tent to grab their free samples. Al Gore must have been truly high to suggest that Denver’s altitude was responsible for O’s airless debate performance.  Romney had been there for days, adjusting to the insufficient oxygen while Obama rolled in the day of the debacle and sucked wind when the red light went on.

While writing my last post, “Free Fallin'”, I was unable to imagine such incompetence and indifference on the part of any incumbent President before an audience of some 70 million people. Is Obama that tired of the job? Was he drugged or do we have a real life Manchurian candidate in Mitt Romney? Though Obama can light up any stump on the campaign trail, is he that reliant on teleprompters, had he not been sleeping enough or are the omelets in Denver that unnourishing? Obama did more than fight with his fists behind his back. He fought without feet, limbs, hair, bones, chromosomes, brains, blood, marrow, muscles, lungs, ligaments or junk DNA.  He would have lost that debate to his own shadow while being easily outmaneuvered by it. Like Northern General McClelland during the Civil War, no amount of weapons or material could have convinced Obama to fight and no amount of weakness in the opponent could have moved him to act against his enemy. Unlike General Lee, Romney did not rely on superior daring and tactical skills to win the engagement. He simply lied and was not opposed in doing it. Obama made Law Review at Harvard? Really?

Obama’s dropped points littered the ground like  environmental leaflets on Earth Day. No mention of Romney’s claim that 47 percent of Americans wanted the government to see to their needs. Nothing from O about Romney’s quote, “It’s not my job to worry about those people.” Willard was suddenly on board with health care and said that there were parts of the plan he even liked. Romster ingeniously muttered that the health plan he was constructing off the scent of his own Massachusetts plan would only work on the state level. He made promises that Americans need not worry about their Medicare while Paul Ryan wants to decapitate it for his wealthy donors.  The country needed FDR when Obama took that stage and we got Bill Buckner instead. If Obama is the one termer he now appears to be, he can begin his future university lectures with these words;

“Lying is good. Lying works.”

Policy wonk Obama had better be perfect in the second round. Otherwise, the GOP that practically destroyed this country will finally get to finish the job. At least they’ll look good while doing it.

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