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In the Trump gulag, reality bites.

My coffee pot is gurgling, the milk, eggs and bread are hereby secured, a mid March Nor’easter roils outside my window and the Trump administration has failed to pin reality to the mat. Trump’s Putin aided ascension to ultimate power has apparently opened

a wormhole to an alternate universe. For the Trumpsters, this Tuesday afternoon is both moody and blue. Their Daliesque take on reality makes the Large Hadron Collider look about as sophisticated as a 1990’s flip phone by comparison.

Kellyanne Conway is Patient Zero for a never seen before kind of political Tourette’s Syndrome. She can form words but they have no origin, no destination and her sounds and movements only resemble a human being the way Disney World’s Hall of Presidents resembles our past leaders. The effect is close but it’s damned creepy upon closer inspection. In the Trump world, reality only exists in their own minds and yes, George Orwell got there first.

In order to rule with fear, enemies are needed. Trump has offered a nice selection of imagined foes and the Two Minutes Hate has been converted into Trump’s nightly tweet storm. We have the press, also known as the mainstream media, former President Obama purportedly playing Spy vs. Spy in Trump Tower, the Congressional Budget Office, the “mess’ Trump inherited upon taking office and several other imagined opponents. They feed Donald’s need to feel victimized and that fuels his manufactured outrage.

Trump has admitted to being the same person now who he was in first grade and watching him try to lead is like letting your German Shepherd drive your car. Poochie can see over the steering wheel but that’s about it. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, in a rare instance of self awareness, has warned that signing on to Paul Ryan’s health care reboot will put the House majority at risk next year. As ever, any perceived threat to GOP power is the only way to get their attention. Here, Cotton stares balefully at a hall bulging with enraged constituents. He is asked a thoughtful, direct question about health care and proceeds to ignore it. Why not? The room is full to overflowing with “paid” protestors. At least these people have jobs to go to.

Conway has again been loosed into the media sphere after Steve Bannon gave her a time out for the last two weeks. She sat in the Oval Office, legs curled underneath her, like a toddler waiting for her lunch. She tapped her Smart phone while Trump and a few henchmen looked utterly lost by the Resolute Desk. Conway’s opinions regarding the covert capabilities of small appliances has brought her unique brand of mendacity and paranoia to new heights.

Conway makes lying as natural and as thoughtless as an autonomic bodily function. She does it so shamelessly, it would be impressive if she wasn’t so dangerous.

Paul Ryan is married to his dead on arrival health plan like Ulysses tied to the mast. The siren call of the money that insurance lobbyists pack for him and the rest of Congress is so captivating, Ryan calls throwing millions out of their care an act of “mercy”. It’s one thing to lie or delude for a living. It’s something else to want to mesmerize the American public into supporting the removal of a basic right that the rest of the Western world has taken as a given for generations. Like Conway, Ryan lies robotically and without conviction. I didn’t vote for Bernie Sanders but he ably summarizes Paul Ryan’s true motives for health care here.

Stopping this debacle and and saving the ability for many Americans to see their doctors is lost on the Democrats. The catatonic Nancy Pelosi, the personification of the incompetence that allowed Trump to win is talking like her party is in the Majority. Remember this classic sound bite?

Is it worse to pass a bill to find out what’s in it or is better to pass a bill while ignoring the Congressional Budget Office’s warnings that the bill becoming law will be catastrophic? Joe Kennedy takes down Paul Ryan with refreshing clarity here. He goes heavy on the scripture but the point is made.

There is one great comfort in all of this. The GOP is bought off, craven, obsessed and without any concern for those who are not rich or powerful. They lack any ability to reverse course to save their jobs in the midterms next year. With no better angels to appeal to, it comes down again to citizens with pitchforks. Only one to a customer please. We will need enough to go around.

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