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Mussolini and The Queen take their bows.

A new medical term needs to be invented describing an acute malady and no Jerry Lewis Telethon is likely to help. The symptoms are likely to feature writers hunched over keyboards, cold coffee in hand. The affliction features a bulls eye rash imprinted on the ears and retinas. It can only be treated by a prolonged vacation from all televised media,

home of a self worshiping Howler Monkey called, Donald Trump. The writer’s hands are observed to freeze reflexively in the futile desire to not scribble about the most bizarre and unappetizing election cycle in over a century. It is incurable.

The Republican National Convention was a failed remake of “Triumph of the Will”. Had a modern Leni Riefenstahl stepped forward to make Trump’s Hate Fest more palatable, she would have been just one more contractor forced to settle for pennies on the dollar when her invoice was finally paid. As I write this, Hillary Clinton is the newly minted Democratic Nominee. This complements her current title of Zena, the Hidden Server Warrior Princess. A layer of Suffragette tinged whitewash, evenly applied to the convention hall to the shouts of “Girl Power!”, has spackled over the most obvious cracks in the Clinton facade.

If you are attending this convention in Philadelphia, don’t graze the walls. They will be tacky to the touch. Michelle Obama held up Hillary as a model for children in her well received convention speech while Clinton’s perjury before Congress and her home schooled classified emails lay ignored in her FBI files. Sarah Silverman was given a speaking slot and she used this photo op to diss the Bernie or Bust crowd.

Brian Williams reappears in the above clip. Apparently, he has done his penance for his Walter Mitty moment and maybe he can satisfy his lust for battlefield glory in a more appropriate way. Playing “Call of Duty” at home with a good, imported beer comes to mind. Silverman expertly conflated Hillary and Bern and essentially created a new person with her endorsement. Who knows what she was doing on that stage? She is real purty though. The Donky Kong party is dealing with some Dr. Strangelove intrigue with “Russian State actors” dumping 19,000 emails, revealing the dirty tricks that the DNC was about to pull on Sanders regarding his religious affiliations or lack of same. The Constitution declares that there is no religious test to run for political office. Just throwing that one in there. Below, Robby Mook effortlessly passes the buck on the Russians hacking Hillary’s emails.

Hillary’s servers matter because it can be called possible, if not likely, that Putin’s goons were able to get those emails because they were not on a protected government server. As a result, Putin may have the ability to control Hillary to some extent if she wins the office of President of The United States. The FBI punted because it did not want to determine the election. If Hillary wins, the country may have an old KGB hand’s hand stuffed up our collective backs. If Hillary can drink a glass of water during all of this, you will have to call her an able ventriloquist. A collective spit take from the masses would be more appropriate.

A foreign nation hacking those emails should have immediately disqualified Clinton from the campaign. Her own recklessness made it possible but coronations are about the show and it will go on. The office is supposed to be bigger than any one person. It sounds good anyway. As to poor Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman Shultz succeeded in tipping the primaries to Hillary and Bern is left to endorse Clinton to thwart Donald Trump. Cheating did take place and we can only speculate on the tricks that were not reported. Schultz has stepped down as a sop to Bernie Nation but she has accomplished her mission. Her exit was only an afterthought.

There are many ways to suppress votes and when this art form played its part in usering George W. Bush into the Presidency. In 2000, fewer voting machines were installed in blue wards in Ohio to create long lines. This led to “self disenfranchisement”, as tired, would-be Democratic voters went home without voting. Some Diebold machines in 2000 were set to record Republican votes when voters pulled Democrat. The Democratic primary system this year is like reading the fine print on your car insurance. Any game attempt to read to the last page will result in quick exhaustion and the corporation owns you regardless. Hillary is really a predetermined winner and the trappings of Democracy are window dressing to keep people ignorant of the haze in the smoke filled rooms. Trump, willing to do literally anything to steal the White House, has pleaded with Vladimir Putin to use any means necessary to send Hillary back to Chappaqua.

If this isn’t treason, then the term should be formally retired for the toothless idea that it really is. The old adage that we are a nation of laws simply isn’t true. This nation is a money mining concern for the richest and public officials hold the shovels with lobbyist lucre providing the steam. This year is different though. Donald Trump is so unstable, ex-CIA suit Leon Panetta has suggested that Trump be given false intelligence briefings and The Donald and Hill will be receiving those soon. At the highest levels, the law simply doesn’t apply, as FBI Director Comey proved again a few weeks ago.

Obama gave his best inspirational, aspirational, all everything, grab my hand and sing pro Hillary speech on the night of July 27.

Presenting Hillary as trustworthy was the biggest marketing fail since the Edsel, New Coke and Zima and unlike that ugly car and those two revolting beverages, the price of leaving them in the lot or on the shelf in favor of a marked down case of Trump Reich may look good in the store but this is no bargain. You will hate yourself after you get the groceries home in November.

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