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Needless, Needless

On the morning on July 20, we awoke to another shooting massacre in the United States. Aurora, Colorado, a state already forever branded by the Columbine tragedy, adds another blood bath. With 12 dead, 58 injured and including six children, these victims commited the crime of wanting to see the latest Bat Man installment. A 24 year old mad man with tear gas and armed to the teeth, strolled in and began firing as the manufactured carnage on the screen played on. According to NBC, James Holmes walked in with one assault weapon and two hand guns, along with a third hand gun in his car.  This is who we are. This video shows President Obama speaking about the October1, 2015, mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, but his words apply equally to any one of the countless shootings that have occurred since then and all of the shootings to come.

This is a land devoted to the love of guns over preserving human life. The outdated Second Amendment was needed in Colonial times. Back then, we were a British colony with pretentions to independence. We were occupied by King George’s regulars and a weapon was a tool in a rough hewn wilderness. Today, every law, lobby and Supreme Court ruling makes guns and rifles as available as they can be. They are glorified on cable shows like “American Guns”. The cowboy culture continues to spin the myth that power and respect can be purchased along with your rod. Hunters and sport shooters often object to the idea of gun control but restricting access should not be aimed at them. Otherwise, gun fetishists swallow fantasies and are wholly ignorant of consequence. Gun defenders bellow that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, as if putting holes in human beings could be accomplished so easily without guns. The NRA owns Congress and pays blood money to officials who could stem the death count if they chose to.

After Washington D.C. passed laws to restrict guns to some extent years ago, the Supreme Court ruled with D.C. v Heller that the Second Amendment means the right to a gun in every hand, though other legal rulings had held that the amendment refers to a well regulated militia, not Dodge City. With every killing, maiming and wounding, gun control advocates and gun lovers renew their hostilities. The gun crowd has never admitted that saving lives is a good thing. Most gun lovers display an absence of basic empathy. They lack the simple capacity to imagine themselves losing a loved one to a nut job with access to deadly force. Gun control is highly effective in other nations like Britain, Canada, Norway, Japan and many others. The gun lover will always respond by saying that the nuts will get guns if they want them. This fatalism closes their minds to addressing the problem. They will not admit that it is the simple love of guns, not the love of human life, that fuels their mania.

The Constitution is a largely ignored document. The military can now subject U.S. cititens to long term or permanent detention in defiance of the Bill of Rights. Your email and phone records are being archived by the National Security Agency, despite the guarantee against unreasonable search and seizure in the Fourth Amendmant. George W. Bush once referred to the Constitution he swore to protect as, “a fucking piece of paper”.  In spite of these outrages, the Second Amendment is held up as the 11th Commandment by those who have no problem with death and dismemberment. You either value human life enough to defend it or you don’t. There is no middle ground. As for Aurora, Colorado, this is just the latest result of the choices we have made and the callous nation we have become. The gun defenders bray about liberty.

The first liberty is the right to keep your life.


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