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Obama’s last bow, GOP zombies and Hill the Thrill’s conscription of spawn.

Apologies for the long delay between posts. As of this date, my Christmas tree is still up, the New Year’s resolutions were never made and the Christmas fruitcake is leading in the Republican polls. To make up for the time lapse, you lucky, topically obsessed

ragamuffins will be getting three posts for the price of one. Remember, this blog is only an exhibition, not a competition so please, no wagering!

Obama’s last State of the Union;

The President duly provided a first draft of his hoped for legacy on the evening of January 12th. The only time that the GOP rose off its collective wide load was for the obligatory applause of those in the armed forces. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even slap flesh after Obama took well deserved credit for snuffing out bin Laden. Newly minted Speaker Paul Ryan expertly combined a poker face and smirk mash up to good effect, letting Barack know that he is getting exactly nothing from the elephants during the last year of his White House tenure except more phantom votes to strip away Obamacare. Your State of the Union snippets appear below.

The speech was a combined victory lap and scolding of the well heeled, mental pygmies who have been kicking Obama in the ankles since he took office. There are no teachable moments with Republicans, only indirect reminders that they are despicable human beings. The contempt for Obama from the right side of the aisle was palpable, featuring notes of burnt flesh and sulfur. The President allowed that a few in attendance were eager to get back to Iowa. A close up of man child Marco Rubio betrayed no hint of sentient thought. Obama took swipes at Trump by way of Cape Horn in warning against the contempt for Muslims now rampant in the country. For just under half of everyone in America, this seems to have become a new bodily function.

Obama took office promising to change the culture in Washington. He cannot be held to account for this aspirational wish but he at least had the grace to say it out loud. This last State of the Union was another appeal to better angels but when it comes to the Right, those angels were never assigned to their proper posts. They have been conscripted by the Evangelicals for envelope licking work in New Hampshire and Iowa. The President erred in downplaying the threat posed by ISIS. While not again describing them as the Junior Varsity team, he referred to this George W. Bush creation in the tones of a quiet neighbor complaining about loud parties at the end of the block. Obama challenged Congress to authorize war against ISIS if they are so keen on the idea. That can wait though. Another vote to roll back The Affordable Care Act is scheduled for Monday.

GOP zombies and the death of reason

Ronald Reagan is the right wing equivalent of the sick and dying tramping to Lourdes to in hopes of supernatural cures. He is a destination of the last resort when candidates cannot form values or thoughts of their own and the mythology surrounding him is so much free spackle for the sagging Neocon edifice. The Gipper is a combination of John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Jimmy Swaggart and Walt Disney. Like Uncle Walt, the ghost of Reagan creates vaguely human cartoons which are unleashed upon the world in the form of GOP candidates. Like Bugs versus Yosemite Sam, this involves over sized mallets, bombs with lit fuses appearing out of nowhere and the ability to hang in the air for a few moments after running off a cliff and before the inevitable 1200 foot fall. Somehow, Ronald Reagan has become the catch all for avuncular patriotism and feeling good about America. Bonzo’s sainthood is fraudulent. This report from Amy Goodman lends some context on Reagan’s rise.

Reagan was a willing McCarthyite and he failed to understand that the students at Berkeley were not a threat to the institution. They were the institution and they were engaging in Constitutionally protected speech. He painted the cops oppressing students there as the victims, not the oppressors. Today’s climate is disturbingly similar to those red baiting times with Muslims and brutalized blacks standing in for the Berkeley kids. The true Reagan legacy is one of repression, secrecy, union busting and painting that repression as a safeguarding of freedom, or freedom as defined by those who would deny freedom to others. Donald Trump is Reagan without the camera ready mask. Trump is a threat to the rest of the GOP because he lacks the good taste to lie about his true intentions. His competitors for the party flag are simply rotten liars. That’s a push and nobody wins there.

Take your daughter to work day

Chelsea Clinton has managed to stay out of camera range after a protected childhood in the White House, a Stanford degree, a network TV job and a low profile marriage and pregnancy. Her mother’s long index finger beckoned recently to throw her in front of the cameras with select lies about Bernie Sanders.

Welcome to the family business, Chelsea. Couldn’t one of Hill’s countless PACs have slung this mud for her? Ordering your own kid to lie for you is unsavory to say the least. Bill is about to hit the road to shill for Hill and was this attack on Sanders too unpleasant for him to make as well? Make the kid do it. Yeah, that’s it. Bernie responds below.

Sanders wants health care but makes the case for single payer. He correctly believes that enriching private insurance companies is the main reason that costs are so high as The Affordable Care Act slowly adds more insured to the rolls. Hillary’s ventriloquist act with her daughter featured no details or nuance on Bernie’s position. In politics, like war, the first casualty is the truth. If Chelsea has any political dreams of her own, she will have to shower well before being recognizable to future voters. Her baptism in mud was provided not by a worthy opponent in some future race.

Hillary’s order that Chelsea walk point against Sanders provided that. After being praised for years for raising a decent kid in the national glare, it seems that Bill and Hill’s hatchling was not equipped with a decent character after all. She is not a toddler being asked to dance to please Mommy. Check that. Apparently, she is. Chelsea is a grown woman who should know that having political convictions does not make attacking another with like convictions acceptable if the assault is fictional.

Hillary could have at least appeared on camera to drink a glass of water while her darling daughter appeared to speak. Does the apple roll far from the tree? The tree in question here, the one stumping for President, was the one used to carve a very life like Chelsea Clinton for that attack ad against Sanders. Always keep it in its case when not performing, Hillary.

Otherwise, the damp weather may cause your dummy to warp.

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