Dear John…

We had a pretty good run, you and I. We were more than great friends. We had a commitment. One could anticipate the other’s moods and Continue reading


Goodbye, I must be staying

For three and half years, President Obama has been promising to wind down George W. Bush’s attempt to to win Poppy Bush’s respect through Continue reading


The Real Grays Anatomy

Call me a baseball iconoclast, a visionary or more accurately, a collector of contusions, scrapes, breaks and every hardball induced injury concocted since Adam. In 1998, I started Continue reading


In praise of Tina Fey!

I need to get this out the way and I hope you’ll understand.Tina Fey picture

I am one in an underground army of Tina Fey fanciers. Her baskets of Emmys for her gently subversive and approachably zany 30 Rock stand for themselves but Continue reading


Silly earpieces! You’re too old for tricks or treats!

The recent Secret Service prostitution scandal in Columbia is just the latest talk show pundit fodder to Continue reading


A Rose by any other name, mostly unprintable.


Pete Rose apologists, this one’s for you.

Yes, you, the guy evangelizing for Pete Rose’s immediate induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame between slurps of domestic beer in Any Dive, USA. You, the guy who is right by virtue of breathing and wouldn’t recognize objective facts if you inhaled the Oxford English Dictionary along with your nachos, guac and processed cheese. You, who still drinks from the Continue reading