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If you want a cure, first name the disease


Nothing proves out the utter dysfunction of this American government more than world dysfunction.Our proxy invasion of Gaza is in full swing with predictable and overwhelming civilian casualties on the Palestinian side. Glenn Greenwald wrote on August 4 of deep involvement by the NSA with Israel’s covert intelligence agencies. Thanks is again due to Edward Snowden for telling his fellow Americans what this government truly is. Though Hamas was the aggressor in this latest war, Israel’s response is blind and disproportionate. Bibi is bombing U.N “safe havens’ in Gaza. Tell me that is rational. Look at the dead and broken children in Gaza and tell me I am wrong. It is no more rational for Hamas to attack Israel from populated areas, or at all for that matter. The late Yassar Arafat turned down the chance for a two state solution many years ago. His dead hand is in this current invasion. Peace is impossible for any nation sworn to the destruction of Israel. Why don’t they see that?

Russian backed separatists in Ukraine are shooting civilian planes out of the sky because they can. John Boehner is gratifying himself with talk of Obama’s impeachment as Democrats use those threats to raise money in hopes of keeping the Senate. John Kerry is delivering his deadened monotone all over the Middle East and accomplishing nothing. In Africa, the Ebola virus is on the march and now waits stand by for a plane ride to the West. American corporations are flexing their newly found religious rights while stashing over two trillion dollars off shore and avoiding 550 billion in taxes. Foreign children continue to walk across the United States border as the Congress holds back money to deal with a major humanitarian crisis, all to keep a win out of the Obama column. The NSA continues to spy indiscriminately on U.S. citizens without warrant, probable cause or common sense while the victims cry foul about their spotty Netflix service.

Mass shootings are the norm and are always good for selling commercial time during the nightly news. Earth’s Sixth mass extinction is set to begin, thanks to an ignorant, destructive and deranged species. The worst of these appear regularly on Fox News. This country is constitutionally unable to see to its most basic problems while the Constitution itself bleeds out from the partisan wounds of the Roberts Court. Jobs are finally being added but very few can provide a living outside of the fabled One Percent. Even they are now crying poverty as compared to the one percent of that One Percent. Poverty, by their definition, is making only 150 times the average salary. Jim Crow is rousing himself all across the land after the Voting Rights Act was gutted by The Supremes. Polio is rallying after having been “wiped out” in 1980. The CDC finds deadly contagions sitting around for 30 years in cardboard boxes as they tell the country not to worry.

The GOP is still attacking the Affordable Care Act. They crowed as one federal court ruled that health care stipends were illegal in states without their own exchanges. A few days later, another court ruled that the stipends were legal. Appeals to follow. Not a single talking head on the idiot box has stated the obvious. The men running this government are in no way inclined to run it well. The public interest was swallowed up with the very first campaign donation. This government is about gaining power and holding power for the special interests which subvert it. We borrow from China and we appease its many abuses in exchange for the credit. We fund over one hundred nations to the detriment of Americans here who need a reasonable return for their investments, such as decent roads and bridges, access to medical care, the right to subsist in dignity and job training. The lack of compassion here is a mortal embarrassment as the very nation that stole from Native Americans and slaughtered them screams about immigrants. They won’t even rename a football team with an offensive name as a small consolation.

As corporations gain more illegal rights to the detriment of individuals, the potential for meaningful change grows more remote. People power revolutions, such as Egypt and the decayed promise of the Arab Spring, only make the way smooth for the next dictator. Governments are corrupt, corruptible and corrupting. Citizens are the fine sand between those gears and the lubricant is their blood for places like Gaza, Ukraine and all of the rest. Most Americans don’t understand that the level of corruption, indifference, disdain and outright contempt from the government we fund and authorize means that it cannot function for the overwhelming majority of citizens. It only does harm to the rest of the world in the form of illegal wars, corporate welfare, crony capitalism and covert skullduggery. Who gets the bill? What’s that in your hand?

If we can do nothing else, we need to at least acknowledge this before again coughing up meaningless words like, “freedom”, “honor” and “the public good”. Those words are lies until they are not spoken but lived. We are observing a rotting American experiment. As to corporations, Thomas Jefferson once said, “I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.”  The best advice we non corporations may take is his reminder that if the government stops serving those who consent to be governed by it,  then the people have a right and obligation to tear it down and begin again. As Jefferson’s  Declaration of Independence reads in part;

… Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it...”

It is long past time to do so.





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