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Exit Hillary

Hubris: “Excessive pride, self confidence, arrogance, see Clinton, Hillary…”

The shouting is all over. Hillary Clinton will not be the first female President of the United States. Her smug, historic march of electoral inevitably is stored permanently on an email server in Chappaqua, New York. Joe Biden is actually measuring drapes while he takes daily treatment for his foot-in-mouth disease. Jeb Bush, another in a long line of entitled, incompetent autocrats, may well take the office all but destroyed by war criminal George W. after all. Hillary’s putative donors are meeting in secret right now while standard spin control measures snap into play.

Hillary is now insisting that her emails be released. Thanks, Hill. After treating the official cyber record of her tenure as Secretary of state like a pantsuit she is too embarrassed to wear again, after years of no traction for the Benghazi clown car, Clinton has done what her obsessed enemies never could. She has blasted her Presidential candidacy before she has even announced. Remember the despairing Hillary sisters after Barack Obama won the White House? They screamed, they cried, they wailed, as if their turn at history was lost in the mail. The invitations to Clinton’s inaugural ball had been returned with postage due.

I am enjoying no Schadenfreude with this. I voted for Jimmy Carter. I held my nose and voted Mondale and Bill Clinton twice, then Barack twice. All fashionable cynicism aside, I believe in the ancient creed of the historical Democrat, that opportunity should be available to even those unable to buy it. The GOP succeeded in burning down the national house while crowing over the charred remains. They stood on the accelerator and blamed the Democrats for the crash. They turned obstruction into an execrable path to power and now their sacred task to destroy Hillary Clinton has been completed by the woman herself.

As you sip your overpriced coffee, subpoenas are being drafted to drag Hillary before Congress to testify. She will be kept off the campaign trail by mountains of legal briefs and bad press. Her donors are packing their parachutes and the progressive base that helped elect Obama will mass as one behind Liz Warren while they beg her to claim Hillary’s formerly inevitable Chief Executive mantle as her own. If only she would announce. Bernie Sanders is the true progressive in the race but in spite of a promising start, his electability is being questioned. I once thought that Hillary had the brains and the thick skin to lead. Her smugness bothered me but I saw her as tough and capable. Servergate has blasted that opinion for me.

Though having a female President would be right, proper and long overdue, competence and vision are the only qualities I care about in a candidate. As Hillary teased and teased with her pending announcement to run, I saw no vision in her at all. I only saw the craving for power that the GOP can’t hide on its best day. The elephant gang is again being rewarded for their treasonous indifference to the public good and their sycophantic devotion to the very richest. What did Hillary have to gain by ignoring her duty to keep and turn over her email records in the proper way? This shows a pathological need for secrecy and control at best and she is hiding something at worst.

The late Ann Richards once said that George H.W. Bush was born with a silver foot in his mouth. George the Elder had no other vision for becoming President except for becoming President. Say what you want but Hillary has earned everything. She kept the media wolves at bay long enough for philandering Bill to win the White House, she was First Lady, the ring master of a failed first stab at health care, a Senator from New York and a steady but unspectacular Secretary of State. Her resume’ for the ages and her two dollar steak toughness should have been enough to one day be called “Madam President”. Instead, her sense of entitlement led her to think that the rules didn’t apply to her and even worse, her private handling of official emails could have put the country in danger with so much classified material out of government hands.

I wanted so badly to support Hillary once but I can’t. Liz Warren has a track record fighting for the rest of us and a vision. Liz Warren is capable and tough and she is principled and honest but her hat is nowhere near the ring. Joe Biden is a gaffe prone, well intentioned glad-hander who thinks, as Bush the Elder did, that it is simply his turn in the Oval. It takes volcanic ambition to reach Presidential heights but that brand of lava moves very slowly, very steadily and for the particularly arrogant, it burns. Hillary has stepped in it and if she survives, she will have equaled her spouse for raw political survival skills. Gennifer Flowers was a cakewalk compared to Servergate. Now that Bernie Sanders has announced for President, he is a less telegenic but more credible candidate wielding a broad, populist message and Hill’s poll numbers are anything but inevitable.

Lovers come and go but a server never forgets.

Update: August 19, 2015

CBS News reported that two classified emails were found on Hillary Clinton’s private server by the FBI and they both involved the Benghazi tragedy. CBS also reported that 300 emails had been deleted before Clinton turned the server over for examination. Huma Abedin, a top Clinton aid, was the person who finally gave the server to federal authorities. The FBI was reported to be in the process of trying to recover the deleted emails to determine if other classified messages were kept by Clinton privately and if any were sent or received by her.

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