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The Nesting Instinct

I know you’re asking, Why another blog?

Hundreds, if not thousands of blogs, spewing the written equivalent of white noise, are there for the choosing. A few are decent, some tolerable and the rest? Exactly. Having once worked in what is now referred to quaintly as “newspapers”, I am greatly intrigued by the notion that a blog can be viewed by anyone, anywhere in the world. Back when livery stables gave way to the horseless carriage, there were surely a few diehards who thought that oats and hay would continue to power transportation for the next hundred years.  Since the traditional media is populated by the wrong ends of the average horse, let them keep mucking out the stables. Call this website my new fangled ride. The horn works, the paint is new, I carry a full sized spare and there’s plenty of room for passengers.

I request the pleasure of your company and my job will be to keep it. I want to thank Narragansett Beer for becoming my first sponsor and they have my word that I will never type and drive. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or supporting Norton’s Nest, call me at 401-787-6276. I’m casting a wide net here. Though I’m considered an expert on 19th Century baseball and I will talk about sports on occasion, the state of this Republic is too shaky to ignore and it’s fair to call this blog political in tone. In short, guilty as charged.

I know that anyone who works for an audience is privileged when someone stops to listen. My goal is to make your good time well worth the effort. When you read Norton’s Nest, I hope to be a companion you are happy to spend a few minutes with every couple of days. I invite your comments here as well as feedback about the material. If you like what you read, I hope you’ll spread the word. Look out for the odd podcast as well. Check back for frequent updates and welcome to Norton’s Nest.

By the way, expect a select band of lovingly picked contributors to appear on this site from time to time. Their qualifications are peerless, they will give you a new face to gaze upon (lucky for you) and they know what I like to drink during Red Sox games at the local dive, that being a Smithwicks, a gin and tonic or Johnnie Walker Black if I’m feeling particularly frisky. If you want more info on my moderately enjoyed public house potables, the tab is yours.

If you would like to be considered for a post on the Norton’s Nest main page, send your post or article to and send a digital head shot with it. Please add a few lines about your background too but keep it short. You will be notified if you make the cut and for your trouble, I’ll send you a Providence Grays T with the iconic Narragansett Beer phrase, “Hey, Neighbor”, inscribed on the back. Include your T-shirt size and complete address with your post and it’s yours if you land on the site.

Just one more thing. I invite comments and they help me serve my audience better. I use “math comment” spam blocking so be prepared for some simple addition before you leave your feedback. It’s so easy, even I can do it. Gotta keep the ghosts out of the machine.

With some exceptions, the focus of this site is political in but expect some other topics to keeps things fresh as well. I’m here, there’s beer. Get used to it. I call this site a “nest” because it is a home base and a regular perch for insightful and entertaining commentary. I hope you’ll fly in regularly.

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