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The remains of the fray

Bernie Sanders has emerged with a much needed primary win in the Hoosier State, Ted Cruz’s electoral push shot has missed the “ring” and Donald Trump will be the first political zombie to win the nomination of a major

American party. Sadly, Hill the Thrill walks away with nearly as many delegates as Sanders in Indiana and her Super Delegates wear their brass knuckles to bed at night. “One man, one vote” is worthless when super delegates carry most of the mail. Bernie has a better chance of delivering the White House against Trump but Clinton is the incumbent choice of a party that has to look up “progressive” in the dictionary these days. The GOP convention will be the usual coronation but like Henry VIII, The Donald will have to crown himself while the elephant gang battles for a legal divorce.

Super delegates were conceived to protect establishment candidates, as the brief video above explains. It’s bad enough that the individual states have differing primary rules when the delegates carry electoral power far beyond that of the average voter. Why else could Sanders win so often, or at least compete, with no visible ground gained? It’s the system and the rules are minted to keep outsiders outside, unless you’re Donald Trump. His Nativist campaign is feeding off lizard brained anger. As Trump has said, “I love the uneducated”. The super delegate system is a firewall and it’s there to protect the pro corporate function of the Democratic Party.

The American media has long since dropped its obligation to inform the public in favor of enriching itself with side shows like Trump. Just as Eisenhower once warned of the excesses of the military industrial complex, a warning of equal weight needs to be made about the danger of a media whose only concern is profits. Edward R. Murrow understood the power and responsibility of the media. Where is he right now? I am speaking figuratively, if there is any confusion there.

Murrow’s line about Joe McCarthy easily applies to Trump. “He didn’t create this situation of fear. He merely exploited it.” How many Americans today could fully take in Murrow’s educated, nuanced and tightly reasoned battles against Joe McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee? This endless primary season is there for entertainment, it’s presented as such and the media doesn’t care about the consequences of building up demagogues until they become truly dangerous when they are invested with great power. Does the Murrow video seem hopelessly old fashioned? Just let that question hang there for a while…

Hillary and Trump will be two incredibly unpopular party standard bearers and Bernie has vowed to take his well funded run all the way to the convention. Personally, Hillary being shackled to Wall Street, the big banks and big oil won’t allow me to vote for her but who cares? I’m not a super delegate.

Ted Cruz, a creature of the Tea Party, will surely go back to Congress to brood about his next run. He will run again in four years and he’s not the kind of person who grows on the electorate. He wants power and nothing else. Remember when that GOP debate stage was stuffed with 16 candidates? Hillary is more rightly a moderate Republican and Trump defines himself second to second. Bernie is more electable but that just isn’t enough anymore. Let’s end this post with a song. Anyone still enduring this Presidential race deserves one.

Otherwise, it’s on to California, where Trump will perform a delegate strewn victory lap before the general election. Sanders supporters know that they are part of a revolution but it won’t be one if all of their passion and effort is meant to be passed over to Hillary to stave off a filthy rich narcissist from hearing “Hail To The Chief” when he enters a room. Is this enough?

No, not nearly enough.

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